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School Assembly
Submitted by:
Justin McElwee
School Assembly
Submitted by:
Justin McElwee
Target grades
Cost level
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Participate in a school assembly.

Allowing a student to participate in a school assembly is an excellent way to get immediate buy-in. This PBIS reward idea could take shape in a variety of ways. For instance, there could be a student versus staff basketball game. Students that are caught being good would then get to be actual players in the game.

The best thing about this is that it helps build a positive rapport and atmosphere within the school because it allows students to work with their teachers in a realm outside of education.

How It Works

There are many ways to run this reward !

  • Add this as an item in your LiveSchool store. As students collect points, they can save up for this.
  • You can also set monthly goals for students to work toward in LiveSchool. The highest earning students can then receive the reward.
  • Use the LiveSchool randomizer to select students at random to receive this.
  • Make this an incentive for the winning House in your House competition

You can even give points to students as they participate.

Set up in LiveSchool

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