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Rolling Chair Rental
Submitted by:
Kelsea Shaw
Rolling Chair Rental
Submitted by:
Kelsea Shaw
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Sometimes you just gotta roll with it 🤷‍♂️

What happens to all of the old rolling chairs when schools upgrade their teacher chairs? At Creswell Middle School, teachers got new rolling chairs and the administration was going to throw out the old ones…

Until Kelsea Shaw adopted a few of them for students to “rent” in her classroom! For 50 LiveSchool points, students can rent a chair for the entire hour of class.

How It Works

Students must enter the room, complete the bell ringer, then quietly raise their hands in order to get one. In the event that there are too many that want it and not enough chairs Kelsea uses the LiveSchool randomizer to select who will get it for that class period.

Set up in LiveSchool

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