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Principal for a Day
Submitted by:
Patricia Pinnere
Principal for a Day
Submitted by:
Patricia Pinnere
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Give me my radio and watch me go! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’Ό

At Albuquerque Collegiate, the big prize is getting to help with the big job! Scholars get to turn in their LiveSchool points in order to be the Principal for the Day.

They get to assist with morning arrival duties, eat breakfast with the principal, and participate in lunch duty coverage. They even get to help with recess and dismissal duties.


How It Works

The appeal of this reward lies in the scarcity of the opportunity. They keep this reward special by making it the highest-priced reward in their school store. To keep students striving for this prestigious opportunity, make sure to publicize the day when students claim this one!

Get some photos of your protege in action and share them on your socials and directly with your parents via your school-to-home newsletter!


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