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Monthly Shopping Spree
Submitted by:
Jackie Garlock
Monthly Shopping Spree
Submitted by:
Jackie Garlock
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One price fits all.

Every month, Jackie Garlock, the Principal, and her team at Christ the King Catholic School open their LiveSchool store for a school-wide shopping spree.

How It Works

Christ the King operates a monthly LiveSchool store. For simplicity, every item at Christ the King Catholic School's store is priced at 50 points, eliminating the need to track inventory, update the store with new items, or track a changing list of SKUs. Instead, they have a single "50-point" reward bucket that applies to all items.

The store offers a variety of items, including sodas, candy, trinkets, toys, and tees. However, items don't stay for long. Once they're gone, Ms. Garlock introduces new items to replace them.

"We are all really excited about the store," says Ms. Garlock, the Principal.

The frequently changing items and monthly schedule keep the store fresh and student excitement high!

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