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Lunch With the Teacher
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
Lunch With the Teacher
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
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Dining at the cool kid's table.

With our younger students, we're quite popular! So let's use that as a way to motivate students. Allowing students to eat lunch with their teacher is a big honor and lets you develop relationships with your students as they understand you are giving up your quiet lunch to spend with them. Let the student choose a teacher or administrator they’d like to spend time with for an extra special meal.

How It Works

There are many ways to run this reward !

  • Add this as an item in your LiveSchool store. As students collect points, they can save up for this.
  • You can also set monthly goals for students to work toward in LiveSchool. The highest earning students can then receive the reward.
  • Use the LiveSchool randomizer to select students at random to receive this.
  • Make this an incentive for the winning House in your House competition

You can even give points to students as they participate.

Set up in LiveSchool

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