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Lunch Fast Pass
Submitted by:
Melissa Douet
Lunch Fast Pass
Submitted by:
Melissa Douet
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Nothing like skipping the line

It happens at every school. The bell rings for lunch and students are racing down the hallway in hopes of getting a spot at the front of the line. 

Melissa Douet, Computer Literacy Teacher at Scott Middle School in Lafayette Parish School System, submitted this fabulous idea that would get rid of the race to lunch.

How It Works

Lunch is a time for students to decompress from their school day and socialize with their friends. The long lunch lines can get in the way of that at times. 

With a lunch fast pass, students can present the pass and skip all the way to the front of the lunch line. 

There are a few ways that students can obtain lunch fast passes as rewards. 

  • Students can select this reward from the reward store if they have enough points. 
  • Students with the most points for the week or month in each house can be rewarded with a pass. 
  • Use the LiveSchool randomizer to select students at random to receive this reward.
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