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Instagram Takeover
Submitted by:
Ryan Nearhoff
Instagram Takeover
Submitted by:
Ryan Nearhoff
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Everyone wants to be a (Positive) Influencer 📸

When businesses want to reach a younger audience they often invest in influencer marketing campaigns. The influencer then makes posts on Instagram or TikTok showing themselves using the product or explaining the benefits of the product.

This works great for improving sales…but what if we could use the same idea to improve student behavior? That’s exactly what’s happening at St. Dorothy Catholic School as they are leveraging the power of social media to influence student behavior.

How It Works

For a single school day, students are given a badge to use their phone, or a designated school device to take pictures during their lunch and recess breaks.

They then get to create a teacher-approved reel or story for the school's Instagram account.

This has the added benefit of being fun for the recipient and a great way to promote the positive culture you’re building in your school to the community as a whole.

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