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House Induction
Submitted by:
Sabrina Hughes-Tate
House Induction
Submitted by:
Sabrina Hughes-Tate
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Let’s. Get. Hype.

Imagine this… You are a 6th-grade student who has been waiting all summer to find out what house you were selected for as you enter your new school. Are you paired with your friends? Are you paired with your favorite staff? Does your house have the coolest name or colors? On your first day back your school holds a big assembly in the gymnasium.

All of the older students are seated by houses, decked out in house colors, and they are rockin’ all of their awesome house swag. They are all seated on the opposite side of the gym from where all of the new students are seated. Your Principal begins announcing names and unveiling house selections for all of the new students as their new housemates cheer like crazy for their newly induction peers. The anticipation is part of the reward.

How It Works

Nominate leaders in your houses to organize cheers and lead their houses in chants and celebrations as their new housemates are introduced to the school community.

Want to scale this up and make your staff feel the energy as well? Induct your new teachers to houses during this event as well. Talk about improving staff morale and retention!

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