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Holiday Delivery
Submitted by:
Elizabeth Holt
Holiday Delivery
Submitted by:
Elizabeth Holt
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Spreading Cheer for Good Behavior

Nothing brings up the mood in your building like a little holiday cheer! Select some special helpers to deliver Boo👻 Grams, Thankful Feathers🦃, Christmas Cookies🍪, Valentine’s Candy Grams❤️️, and St. Patty’s ☘️ Clover Grams to your students who qualify for this reward in their class!

How It Works

When it comes to spreading holiday cheer in your school, the options are endless! You could set quarterly goals and then deliver this award to all your students who exceed the goal or you could allow award winners to send some holiday cheer to a friend! Now you’re rewarding good behavior as well as promoting camaraderie and friendship!

Other ways to use this reward:

  • Create a student committee to run this reward-leadership opportunity!
  • Use this reward as a fundraiser for your other rewards!
  • Your admin team can run this reward for teachers!
  • Don’t forget to send yourself one, you deserve a little holiday cheer!

This reward originally appeared in our Webinar: How to Build a Student-Run Rewards Store, which was hosted by Elizabeth Holt of Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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