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Hallway High-Five
Submitted by:
Will Squires
Hallway High-Five
Submitted by:
Will Squires
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You're doing great! 🙋‍♂️

ou know how most schools have a process for alerting the administration when something has gone terribly wrong? For whatever reason, a student needs to be removed from the class in order for the class to continue. Just bad vibes all around, am I right?

Well, at Caddo Hills High School they have that…but they also have the hallway high-five. Because at Caddo Hills they believe that if we are going to alert admin when things have gone terribly wrong, we should also alert them when things have gone incredibly right!

How It Works

Use the same process you use to contact administration now when discipline events warrant their attention. But instead of responding to a disciplinary situation, they are coming to praise and recognize a student for doing the right thing.

This is ideal for students who go above and beyond to make their class and school a better place. Actions like cleaning the room unprompted or showing leadership in class or even playing peacemaker between two of their peers could warrant this as a reward.

This works best as a surprise, so don’t tell the student “Hey, I’m calling the Principal so they can come give you a high-5”.

Instead, make it as discreet as possible.

When administration comes to your room nobody will be quite sure why they have come…cue the suspense. They’ll call the student’s name and walk up to them and praise them for doing the right thing and give them a high-five. 🙋‍♂️

As an added bonus, this free reward is sure to brighten your Principal’s day as well!

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