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Graduation Celebration
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
Graduation Celebration
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
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Grad party. πŸŽ“

Elementary and Middle Schools arrange with their affiliate or nearby high school an event where soon-to-be graduates visit the school and take part in a parade.

The graduates wear their gowns or college apparel and stroll through the music-filled hallways to be celebrated as well as get younger students thinking and excited about their own futures.

Students lining the hallways are encouraged to wear apparel from their favorite university and cheer as the graduates parade through.

How It Works

At Dulles School of Excellence, students have to have a certain number of points to participate in the graduation celebration. That's easy to replicate at your school.

You can also give special privileges to the younger students based on the points they have earned. maybe they can help set up the event or decorate. Students love getting to help, and this way, they have to earn this privilege.

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