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Game of Thrones
Submitted by:
Jay Maines
Game of Thrones
Submitted by:
Jay Maines
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No, not that throne. The other one.

In the classic TV show, Game of Thrones, all the characters are vying for the big chair. They are all utilizing the expectations of the fictional world they live in to maximize their chances at the ultimate reward, The Iron Throne.

In Westeros, this means the characters are destined to be rewarded for some pretty bad behavior.

But the throne in question here doesn’t work like that. Nope, not at all. This throne is only available for those who exhibit the most positive behavior. The individuals who truly go above and beyond to be the best version of themselves in the land they are in.

The “land” here is your classroom. The “competitors” for the coveted throne are your students. The “challenges” they need to meet are your behavior expectations.

The “throne” we speak of? It’s your teacher's chair, of course.

How It Works

The key here is to really make the benign into something special. Your chair needs to be absolutely off-limits at all other times. That way when a student has used their hard-earned LiveSchool points to rent a day in your chair they really feel like royalty.

You don’t necessarily need tangible items to motivate your students when something as simple as sitting on your teacher’s chair feels like an experience.

So play the part. Lean into it. Make those fake trumpet sounds when they move their supplies from their normal desk to your desk. Give them a funny nickname for the day. Have some fun with it, it may not be Kings Landing but your classroom is still a pretty special place. 🏰

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