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Game-Based Simulation Learning
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
Game-Based Simulation Learning
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
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Real-world learning.

This one is all about education! There are numerous apps that simulate real-life scenarios. From The Sims to Mock-Trading apps, students can get hands-on experience so they aren’t just learning the material but actually using it through game-based simulation learning.

Teachers and students recognize that gaming can offer many technical options for language independence and real-life challenges based on skill levels.

The basic principle behind game-based simulation learning is to promote motivation by fun, which leads to happiness. Why not make it a school-wide event every semester?

How It Works

You can bring out the fun with points. Let students earn points as they compete, and have the winning House or student receive an exclusive prize.

This can also be a reward earned by the winning House.

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