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Family Feast
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
Family Feast
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
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Thankful for the school community.

This typically falls the week before Thanksgiving Break and is a great opportunity for families to join their children and teachers for a gratitude-centered meal. The feast can be donated from the community, made in-house, or a potluck depending on your school community!

If you are looking for an easy way to get parents more involved in your classroom or school in general, this is the perfect place to start.

How It Works

Make this a House Points event, and have each house create a different meal to be donated. This is an awesome way to build a culture of togetherness – and involve parents in it as well.

Many schools require students to have a certain amount of points to participate or create an extra benefit for the House or students with the most points.

This could be being first in line for the potluck, starting the event 15 minutes later, or not having to participate in clean up.

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