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Extra Reading Time
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
Extra Reading Time
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
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Dive into a good book.

Reading gives students a creative escape – and it gives you some quiet time too. Let your class enjoy extra reading time as a reward for doing good. You can even have an individual reward to it too by letting a student read in a designated area other than their desk. Think about a fun corner with a bean bag or mat. Or you could have a special reading hat a select student gets to wear as a token of all their hard work.

How It Works

There are many ways to run this reward !

  • Add this as an item in your LiveSchool store. As students collect points, they can save up for different books.
  • Create a privilege for your class or House to earn free reading time for good behavior.
  • You can also set monthly goals for students to work toward in LiveSchool. The highest earning students can then receive the reward.
  • Use the LiveSchool randomizer to select a student at random to receive this.

You can even let students return or lend books for some points, kind of like when you sell your books back to a used book store. This will create a classroom economy based on books, and that's pretty awesome.

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