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Design the Bulletin Board
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
Design the Bulletin Board
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
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Creativity time.

The bulletin board is the center of many classrooms and school hallways. I remember spending HOURS decorating mine and getting it just right for the changing seasons and curriculum. It's a lot of work! The good news: you can make this a privilege students can earn.

Whether it’s for an upcoming event, holiday, or just for someone’s birthday, give students the supplies and the time to show off their skills.

How It Works

There are many ways to run this reward !

  • Add this as an item in your LiveSchool store. As students collect points, they can save up for this special privilege.
  • You can also set monthly goals for students to work toward in LiveSchool. The highest earning students can work together to design it.
  • Make this an activity for your House. Each House can design their own and show it off to their friends throughout the month or quarter.

This gives students a way to express themselves and work collaboratively.

Set up in LiveSchool

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