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Cut the Principal’s Tie
Submitted by:
Melissa Walrath
Cut the Principal’s Tie
Submitted by:
Melissa Walrath
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Snip it, snip it good!

Usually the principal is off limits but not at Eden Hopson Middle School. Here one of their rewards is being able to cut the principal's tie in front of everyone at one of the weekly meetings. Teacher and LiveSchool Program Site Leader, Melissa Walrath, from Eben Hopson Middle School in North Slope Borough School District, submitted this fun reward to us.

How It Works

At Hopson Middle School, students can cash in 100 points to cut the principal's tie during their weekly morning meeting. The principal then has to wear the cut tie for the rest of the school day. The student who cashed in their points for this reward also gets to keep the part of the tie that they cut off.

Other ways students can receive this reward

  • Random student selected each week or month
  • Student with the most points from each house every quarter
  • The house that wins the house competition can nominate one student from their house to cut the tie
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