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Color a Teacher’s Hair
Submitted by:
Jennifer Ferrigno
Color a Teacher’s Hair
Submitted by:
Jennifer Ferrigno
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Don’t worry it'll wash out... eventually.

Assistant Principal, Jennifer Ferrigno, from Klein Oak High School in Klein ISD shared this colorful reward with us. Students had the opportunity to cash in some points to color a teacher's or staff member's hair.

How It Works

First things first, you need to find some staff members who are down for the cause. Don’t be afraid to ask! You’ll be surprised at how many would be willing to participate if it means promoting positive behavior.

You can purchase your temporary color hair spray at Walmart, Party City, Amazon, etc.  

The key here is to get the bright colors! To make it more fun for the students, you can allow them to pick which color to dye their teacher’s hair from the selection that you bought.  

Don’t forget the ponchos! Ponchos can help with avoiding ruining any clothes or personal items. 

And for those teachers who don’t have much hair on their heads, you could also consider buying a bright wig for them to wear for the day.

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