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Chill Room
Submitted by:
Bob Salladino
Chill Room
Submitted by:
Bob Salladino
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Kick back, relax, and hang out.

The Chill Room reward is brought to us by Bob Palladino, Principal at Springton Lake Middle School. Students can redeem 75 LiveSchool points during lunch for the privilege of eating in the Chill Room. They can even make reservations with friends!

How It Works

Students earn access to an "exclusive" space to eat lunch. The Chill Room provides fun seating, special games, and even an Xbox. Students can also use their cell phones in the Chill Room. It’s a fun (and chill) time.

It’s unsurprisingly a popular reward for students. Students at Springton Lake have spent 8,000+ LiveSchool points on this privilege.

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