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♟️Chess With the Principal
Submitted by:
Dr. Kevin Armstrong
♟️Chess With the Principal
Submitted by:
Dr. Kevin Armstrong
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Low Cost/DIY
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Nothing builds relationships quite like friendly competition. But this isn’t just a friendly competition, it’s a student's dream! You get a chance to humanize yourself and build relationships with your students…they get a chance to match wits with their Principal!

How It Works

Put this in your school store and let students use points to purchase a chance at besting their Principal. All you need is a chess board.

Want to scale this up to include more students? Lower the cost and create a Chess Tournament where students can use points to buy into the competition.

How to get the most out of this award:

  • Film the match and put the winning moves on your Social Media and/or your morning news!
  • Put the chessboard on the center table in your cafeteria and play the matches during lunch with an audience!

Here is a fun example from Dr. Kevin Armstrong of Dupont Hadley Middle School👇

Set up in LiveSchool

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