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Camp Read Away
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
Camp Read Away
Submitted by:
Katie Neumeier
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A little campy.

Searching for a way to bring the great outdoors into the four walls of your classroom? This may be it! Teachers ask families to send in sheets, blankets, and flashlights.

In partners, students work to create the best reading fort they can imagine. Then, lights out! For the rest of the time, students flashlight read independently or with a buddy.

S’mores and other campfire-friendly snacks can be provided as well, but are not necessary to make this a fun and exciting experience.

How It Works

So how do you make this an event? We have a few ideas:

  • Do this with houses, so the winning house gets to participate in the event.
  • Or you can set a challenge for your students to earn a certain number of LiveSchool points to have this event.
  • You can also create a special snack table for the students with the most LiveSchool points.

This is a fun event, no matter what. But gamifying it with points makes it extra special.

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