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Old School Cookout
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
Old School Cookout
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
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BBQ vibes.

Bring out the grills, chilled sodas, and hamburgers! Hire a DJ and play some old-time hits along with a nice game of kickball in the schoolyard.

Of course, you can have the classic hot dogs and hamburgers but having a small cook-off with students would really take things to the next level.

How It Works

Bring out the fun with points. You can make this event more exclusive by:

  • Making it available only to the winning House in your House Points Competition.
  • Giving the winning House a special table with exclusive snacks and activities.
  • Having students cash in their points for entrance.

You can also make this an event where students and Houses can earn points by winning a classic hot dog and pie-eating contest as well. Every good cookout has games and even better desserts.

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