March 10, 2017

Hello, Tulsa!

We headed from to Tulsa, Oklahoma to see the innovative things our customers are doing with LiveSchool.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Tulsa is a beautiful city with lots to offer. We had time to see historic churches and visit cool coffee shops, but our favorite time was spent visiting Tulsa schools that have adopted LiveSchool.

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Our first stop was Walt Whitman Elementary. The administration and PBIS team have done an amazing job of creating a supportive environment with clear expectations for students. One of our favorite stories from this visit was the rewards system that the student council — that’s right, students! — came up with.

Here is Principal Jana Rodriguez sharing the idea students brought to her, and how she is able to incorporate LiveSchool’s new Insights features to make it easy to manage.


It was an amazing example of student engagement in action — students developed an idea for rewarding students who maintained 0 demerits all week. Then, adults tweaked the idea to be sustainable and aligned with the school’s goals. From there, they are able to use LiveSchool data to make this a sustainable system they can use long term!

Next stop was KIPP Tulsa. Jenisha Hicks, Dean of Students, is a force of nature! She has implemented multiple systems to both positively motivate students, and teach them that clear consequences follow when they make the wrong choice.

KIPP Tulsa’s systems include a school store where students can spend their hard-earned “Ganas” from LiveSchool, as well as a clearly defined discipline ladder that responds to student choices with an escalating series of reminders and consequences.

We loved being able to share some of the newest features with Jenisha - here is what she had to say about our new Insights system:


At Penn Elementary, Principal Shalise Jackson provided us with the opportunity to meet directly with each of the grade teams at the school. It was an amazing chance to talk with the hard-working teachers who work directly with students to help model and reinforce positive choices. We also talked about how LiveSchool's new Insights tools can be used to create a real-time referral tracking system that keeps everyone up to date.

Thank you to everyone in Tulsa for having us! Until next time!

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