February 9, 2021

Switching to the new LiveSchool : Frequently Asked Questions

When you log in on March 10, you'll be directed to the new LiveSchool experience. Here's what you need to know.
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On March 10, 2021 we're making the new LiveSchool experience official for all users! We've let LiveSchool users get a sneak peek at our new experience since Spring 2020. The feedback has been awesome, and we're excited to make it the full experience for our entire school community.

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If you haven't tried the new LiveSchool, no worries — it's a seamless improvement on what you already know about LiveSchool. To make it easy, here are a few frequently asked questions about the change.

Why a new experience?

The new LiveSchool is 60% faster, has improved features for in-classroom use, and is the foundation for a ton of exciting improvements coming later this year. We've been testing the new experience with educators for over a year, and the majority of LiveSchool users are already using it daily! The feedback has been fantastic, so it's time to make it the standard experience for everyone!

Is my data in sync between the old LiveSchool and the new LiveSchool?

Yes! This switch will not affect your school's data in any way — it's all perfectly in sync.

I use LiveSchool on the web. What do I have to do?

No action required: when you log in on March 10, you'll automatically see the new experience.

If you want to use the next experience in advance of that date, simply log in at www.liveschoolapp.com.

I have LiveSchool bookmarked. Do I need to do anything?

Update your bookmark to point to www.liveschoolapp.com! You'll notice it loads lightning fast. 🙂

Note that on March 10 if you visit the old URL, we'll automatically re-direct you to the new experience. Update your bookmark and save a few precious seconds each time you visit.

I use LiveSchool on a mobile device. What do I have to do?

Download the new LiveSchool 2 for Teachers iOS app, or bookmark the new LiveSchool mobile site on your Android (more info here). You should delete the LiveSchool 1 app — on March 10th it will be removed from the App Store.

I never log out of LiveSchool. Will I need to log out and log back in?

If you’re always logged into the old LiveSchool (at app.liveschoolinc.com), please note that you’ll be logged out of your account automatically on March 10th. You’ll then need to log back in.  When you log in at the old URL, you’ll be redirected to the new LiveSchool at www.liveschoolapp.com and need to log in again.

Save yourself some time — log in and start using the new experience at www.liveschoolapp.com today. You can remain perpetually logged in there, and avoid any disruption on March 10th.

If you need help with your password, just click “Forgot Password” and we’ll get you right back in to your account.

How about students and parents? Do they need to do anything differently?

Nope, students and parents will continue to login to LiveSchool the same way they always have.

Should I communicate with my IT team about this?

It's likely that if the old LiveSchool works for you, the new LiveSchool also will work just fine -- but we know that school network security procedures are different in each building.

If you're concerned, let your IT staff know the following domains need to be whitelisted in order for the new experience to work:

  • *.liveschoolapp.com
  • *.s3.amazonaws.com
  • *.firebaseio.com
  • *.segment.com  

You can also let IT know that all LiveSchool traffic is over ports 443 (HTTPS).

Lastly, the new LiveSchool requires the following devices and browsers:

  • PC - Windows 10 and higher with newest version of Chrome (recommended) or Edge
  • macOS - El Capitan and higher with newest version of Chrome, or Safari
  • Android - 5.1.1 and higher using native app or Chrome
  • iOS - 13.6 and higher, these include iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models

Questions? Email us at support@liveschoolinc.com.

Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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