November 1, 2016

Announcing Timeline: A New Way to Access Data

View behavior and rewards data in real-time, search for specific records, and export data to a spreadsheet.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Timeline provides instant access the merits, demerits, and rewards you've recorded. Use advanced features to search for the data you need.

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What Is Timeline?

You use LiveSchool to track student behavior and reward purchases in your token economy. Now, we're announcing Timeline, the most powerful way yet to access all the data you record!

To access Timeline from the app, click Insights. Then, select Timeline. That's it!

LiveSchool's timeline shows the behavior recorded for the entire school
Timeline helps you view, filter, and export just the data you need!

Get Started with Filters

LiveSchool Timeline Filters are a powerful way to search for just the data you're looking for. There are five types of filters available in this version of Timeline:

Filter by Type

Timeline now supports three different types of data: merits, demerits, and rewards. To filter by type, just click Type and use the checkboxes to select the types you want to see, then click Save.

You can choose what type of behavior you'd like to focus on, merits, demerits, or rewards redeemed
Uncheck a type and click Save to filter.

Filter by Item

(e.g. "Helping Others" or "Pizza Party")

Items are the specific behaviors and rewards that you track in LiveSchool. To filter a specific item, click Item at the top of Timeline and then search for behaviors or rewards, then click Save.

You can filter the timeline for specific behaviors
You can select multiple behaviors or rewards to filter.

Filter by Student

If you ever need to pull a history for a specific student, this feature will help you do it! To get started, click Student at the top of Timeline. Then select one or more students, and click Save.

You can filter the timeline by a specific student

Filter by Teacher

Filter by teacher to see the behaviors and rewards recorded by particular staff members at your school. To get started, click Teacher at the top of the screen. Select one or more teachers and select Save.

You can filter the timeline to show behavior recorded by certain teachers

Filter by Time

Select Year to Date to choose a different time period. Current options include Today, This Week, and This Month. Custom time periods are coming soon, so stay tuned!

You can choose a time period to view your data

Combining Filters

You can combine filters to get the exact data you need. In the example below, we're asking LiveSchool to "show me all missing homework from Jacob Brown this week." With just a few clicks, we get the answer:

An image shows how you can combine filters to see specific data, and download a spreadsheet of that data
In this example, we're looking at Jacob's missing homework this week. Then, we can download the data with just a few clicks!

Ideas? Share Them!

Have ideas for what we should build next in Timeline? We want to hear from you! Share Your Idea with us!

Stay tuned for announcements about more powerful features in the Insights app!

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