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Maple Park Middle School
The Culture Goal
To create a unified, efficient digital behavior reward system for a middle school setting.
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Dr. Reagan Allegri, Assistant Principal

Research, grants, and PBIS

Dr. Allegri and her school’s PBIS team chose a tiered roll-out for their LiveSchool program, launching a quarter-long trial in one classroom. That teacher collected data from LiveSchool and feedback from the students to support a grant application for going school-wide. Maple Park received the grant from their district and adopted LiveSchool in all classes shortly after. Dr. Allegri credits her school’s successful roll-out to significant teacher involvement and consistent administrative follow up.

LiveSchool provides teachers with easy-to-use tools that support their classroom culture goals.

“The proposal wasn’t coming from an administrator saying ‘Teachers should use this.’ It was first hand knowledge from a teacher who was saying ‘This is so easy to use, guys. It takes five minutes to set up your rosters, and everything is prepopulated for you. This should be part of your day.’"
Dr. Reagan Allegri
Assistant Principal

Building lifelong skills

Maple Park educators teach monthly PBIS lessons that highlight one overarching skill, focusing on behaviors like getting to class on time, preparedness, and more. They use LiveSchool to reinforce these initiatives and incorporate it into other daily routines.

LiveSchool’s streamlined points system fits seamlessly into lesson plans and has the flexibility to support schools’ existing behavior initiatives.

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The Big Three Rs

Maple Park’s rubric focuses on the Big Three Rs: Ready, Respectful, and Responsible. Within this rubric, the school identifies five main spaces in which students can be rewarded for their behavior: the hallway, cafe, classroom, restroom, and getting on and off the bus.

LiveSchool’s customizable rubric gives teachers a consistent framework for recognizing and rewarding their students’ successes throughout the school day.

“Teachers really appreciate the autonomy LiveSchool gives them in identifying which skills they need kids to demonstrate in the classroom. They can choose a behavior they value in that moment and say ‘Today, guys, this is what I’m looking for. If you can do this for me, I can do this for you.’”
Dr. Reagan Allegri
Assistant Principal

Positive reinforcement, paper-free

Prior to LiveSchool, Maple Park used a paper voucher point/reward system, but the staff found it to be an unreliable way to reinforce positive school culture; students would lose and borrow tickets, making the points hard to track. Educators and students at Maple Park have iPads – with LiveSchool, teachers easily distribute points via their tablets and students can see their points balance increase in real time. The staff records demerits internally, but does not subtract points from students’ balances.

LiveSchool’s sophisticated tracking system gives students immediate feedback on their successes.

Reward Store, Rewards by Teacher, Events, Auction

Maple Park’s LiveSchool rewards system features a wide variety of prizes and events, and is designed to build budgeting skills. Students can use their points right away or save for the quarterly Viking Auction. LiveSchool's rewards and data features powers all of their reward systems.

Viking Vault

“Our school Reward Store, the Viking Vault, is open once a week. We've setup a system where students can order online via a survey tool, and the items are delivered to them by the student council.”

Rewards by Teacher

“Some teachers will offer rewards that can be redeemed specifically in their classroom. They have menus of items they feel comfortable offering through LiveSchool: ten free minutes on the ipad, a new set of headphones.”


“Maple Park hosts Friday Night Live, our school dance, for two hours on a Friday once a quarter. Students can either pay cash or redeem LiveSchool points to attend.”

Viking Auction

“We are very proud of our Viking auction, which we do once a quarter as well – last time we had over 150 items total, 75 for each grade. The items are chosen based on feedback from the kids and can be anything from a pair of Champion socks to Bluetooth headphones to a huge candy bar the size of their body! Our last auction saw over 500,000 points debited from LiveSchool, so it was a huge success.”

Most Popular Rewards


Hot Cheetos





Most Popular Auction Rewards


Lava Lamps


Oversized plushies


Spirit Swag bags


Trustworthy data, all in once place

Maple Park’s educators meet every month to discuss LiveSchool data, which they use to inform their monthly PBIS lesson plans and determine where administrators may need to provide LiveSchool support for teachers.

LiveSchool's Insights tools help school staff spot trends by time, location, student, teacher, and more.


Everyday responsibility


Maple Park has observed a highly increased sense of responsibility among its students, particularly when it comes to preparedness for class and building safety.

“LiveSchool has really become a part of what we do and how we do it – really recognizing kids and building those relationships. If you feel your building needs unity, relationship building, consistency, LiveSchool has it in the bag. It’s one of the best purchases we’ve made for our school.“

Dr. Reagan Allegri
Assistant Principal
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