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Social Media Reporter
Submitted by:
Becky Thal
Social Media Reporter
Submitted by:
Becky Thal
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Online journalist.

This idea serves multiples purposes: rewarding students, teaching them how to be good digital citizens, and helping them develop their digital literacy.

Allow one or two students at a time to take the reins over your social media account for the day.

This can get tricky with regards to account privacy, so make sure you are monitoring this as it’s happening.

But by allowing students to take pictures of what’s going on in class, and guiding them to create captions and use appropriate hashtags, you are helping them model responsible social media behavior.

How It Works

Make this a reward students earn with the LiveSchool points. It's simple: a student cashes in their LiveSchool points and gets the privilege. How long it lasts is up to you, but we recommend rotating daily or weekly.

You can also make this a class job students earn points for doing!

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