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Silly Science Experiments
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
Silly Science Experiments
Submitted by:
The Liveschool Team
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Mad scientists. 🧪

Who doesn't love a cool science experiment? That's why this makes a great reward. Students at Kingsway Elementary in Port Charlotte, Florida work for a chance to lead a dramatic science experiment with the school’s STEM lab teacher.

The winner chooses from a variety of concoctions, like creating snow, slime, or an exploding sandwich bag. This prize relates back to themes in their curriculum; and as lead teacher, Sarah Willingham says, "I think it is easy to see why kids would be motivated to save their points to purchase this reward."

How It Works

There are many ways to run this reward !

  • Add this as an item in your LiveSchool store. As students collect points, they can save up for this reward.
  • Create a privilege for your class or House to earn this for good behavior.
  • You can also set monthly goals for students to work toward in LiveSchool. The highest earning students can then receive the reward.
  • Use the LiveSchool randomizer to select a student at random to receive this.

You can put this as an option on your LiveSchool store students can redeem for points. Or you can have students volunteer to participate, and have the students with the highest points get selected.

Set up in LiveSchool

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