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Glow Party
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
Glow Party
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
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Get the glow sticks!

Glow sticks galore with a nice playlist while surrounded by darkness and a starry ceiling… with glow stick necklaces, bracelets, mouthpieces, halos, and more!

Of course, you must have a glow stick dance competition to top off this already fun and exciting intentionally illustrious illumination! This reward may take a bit more planning and money, but it is well worth it.

Buying glow sticks and glow balloons in bulk from Amazon is your best option.

For added fun, cover the windows with black butcher paper and create a dance playlist in advance.

How It Works

Bring out the fun with points. You can make this event more exclusive by:

  • Making it available only to the winning House in your House Points Competition.
  • Giving the winning House a special table with exclusive snacks and activities.
  • Having students cash in their points for entrance.

You can also make this an event where students and Houses can earn points for good behavior, dressing up, and more.

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