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Follow a Friend
Submitted by:
Megan Dickson
Follow a Friend
Submitted by:
Megan Dickson
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F is for friends who do stuff together

We have to thank 6th grade teacher, Megan Dickson, from Holy Trinity Catholic School for this award that we know all your students will be cashing their points in for. 

How It Works

A day taking all your classes with your bestie? Sounds like a teenage dream!

At Holy Trinity Catholic School, their middle school students are able to use LiveSchool  points to “purchase” the privilege of following a friend to the same classes for the day. 

We know how much this age group loves being around their friends so this is an easy and free reward that would really motivate positive behavior from your students. 

Here are some possible guidelines on this reward if you are feeling a bit apprehensive on students missing core class time. 

  1. This reward is  available for students who have A or A/B honor roll
  2. Student is able to go for the entire day - if they have approval from teacher
  3. Student goes only during their elective classes
  4. Student picks one period of their day to attend class with their friend
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