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Dress the Principal
Submitted by:
Meghan Kennedy
Dress the Principal
Submitted by:
Meghan Kennedy
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Styled by students.

Reward Description: Students at Byam Elementary School recently had the opportunity to choose their Principal and Assistant Principal's outfits for a day.

Staff members sifted through costume bins to find outfit options. Each grade level was assigned a different item to vote on, like a hat skirt, shirt, or shoes:

How It Works

Byam Elementary held this as a school-wide event, but it can easily be incorporated into your behavior program:

  • Include "Dress the Principal" in your school store for individual students to purchase.
  • Allow students to buy raffle tickets with their LiveSchool points to select different outfit items.
  • Use this as a reward for the winning House in a House Cup or competition.
  • Organize it as a school-wide event to celebrate a school milestone with LiveSchool points, such as reaching 10,000 points.
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