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Bubble Wrap
Submitted by:
Laura Bandimere
Bubble Wrap
Submitted by:
Laura Bandimere
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It all started when a student spotted some bubble wrap that was discarded on Laura Bandimere’s desk from a shipment of supplies. They wanted to keep it, so they could pop it. Because of course they would, right?

Laura couldn’t say no once she realized that she had a free reward on her hands!

How It Works

Now she just saves bubble wrap from packages that arrive in the front office in order to keep the school store stocked with bubble wrap. Students love the opportunity to pop it and with the never-ending flow of packages, they are always well supplied!

Students can purchase a piece of bubble wrap (approximately 12 inches square) at the school store and then they are permitted to pop it right then or save it for an appropriate time (like lunch or recess). Happy popping!

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