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Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
Submitted by:
Charmaine Williams
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School-aproved, of course.

Celebrate school spirit by holding a bonfire. Students often host their own bonfires in secluded areas that usually are notorious for an array of negative social implications and crippling dynamics. However, if schools host them, it is more likely to have a positive outcome.

With all of the famous bonfire trimmings – smores, music, food, dancing, stories, drinks, and games – students can enjoy this, normally esoteric, event in a fun and safe environment amongst their peers.

How It Works

Bring out the fun with points. You can make this event more exclusive by:

  • Making it available only to the winning House in your House Points Competition.
  • Giving the winning House exclusive snacks, like s'mores.
  • Having students cash in their points for entrance.

You can also make this an event where students and House can earn points for participation and helping to set up and tear down the event.

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