January 19, 2018

Spice Up Your Class with Random Student Selector

Learn how LiveSchool's Random Student Selector feature brings fairness and fun into the classrom.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Removing all bias can be tough, especially when some students are more enthusiastic and outgoing than others. Learn a LiveSchool feature that can help make your class more fun and fair.

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Teacher’s Pet - two words dreaded by students and teachers alike. Students hate when teachers play favorites. Teachers don’t like to show favoritism.

Yet for teachers, removing all bias can be tough, especially when some students are more enthusiastic and outgoing than others.

Enter in LiveSchool’s Random Student Selector. Teachers can randomly select a student in their class or roster for a variety of reasons, from picking a class helper to answering a question.

The Random Student Selector is accessible under Menu → Points → Options → Random Student.

9 Ways to Use the Random Student Selector

So how can you use the Random Student Selector in your classroom? We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started:

1. Who to call on for a question

Randomizing who to call on for a question is a great way to keep all students involved in a classroom discussion. If you assign points to correctly answering questions, randomizing student selection also levels the field for quieter students.

2. Helper to Write the Daily Agenda on the Board

Having a different student write the daily agenda on the board can help your students feel like they’re having a meaningful impact on the day.

3. First in Line for Lunch

Who doesn’t love lunchtime?! Randomizing who leads the lunch line can add a dose of excitement for students. Not to mention it helps eliminates the “race to the finish” mentality that can lead to accidents and arguments.

4. Help Pass Out Supplies

Every student deserves to be a teacher’s helper, and the student selector gives everyone a fair chance to play the role. Try running the selector multiple times if you have different supplies to hand out, such as for an art project.

5. Solve a Math Problem on the Board

“Who can solve this problem?” With the student selector, you no longer have to pick from the same few students who always raise their hands. Not only does the feature give every student the chance to show off their math skills, but can also help you identify students who may need some extra help.

6. Read a Passage

Just as with math, every student should be able to read a passage from a textbook or story. Randomizing student selection gives everyone a fair shot and can help with finding students that could use some more one-on-one time.

7. Choose a Fun Activity

Do you allow for coloring, watching a movie, or other fun activity to wind down the week? Have a student pick the activity. Even if a different activity was favored by some students, can they really stay that upset over some fun time?

8. Parent Chaperone

Every field trip needs a few parents to help watch the class. Even if you have a head parent, use the random student selector to decide whose parents will provide backup.

9. Feeding the Classroom Pet

Have a pet fish, lizard or rodent? Randomizing who gets to feed the class pet is a great way to ensure all students get some quality time with Nemo - hopefully your class pet has a more original name.

Bonus Tips

  • Turn sounds and popups on and off under Options → Sounds & Popups
  • Using LiveSchool on a phone or tablet? Turn your device sideways to access all options.
  • Keep in mind that the selector is random, if the same student is selected twice in a row, simply run the selector again!

Have any questions about the Random Student Selector? Looking for more tips on how to use the feature? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help out!

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