March 23, 2021

Spice Up Your Class with the Randomizer

Learn how LiveSchool's Randomizer feature helps you make class participation more fun and fair.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Randomizer is more engaging than a cold call and easier than popsicle sticks. Learn how to create a class culture that reduces bias and encourages every student to participate!

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It's easy to call on outgoing students, but how do we give more shy students the opportunity to participate? Cold calling is a go-to strategy, but keeping mental track of who has been called on is a challenge.

LiveSchool has a digital alternative to popsicle sticks built right in, and there are near endless ways to incorporate it. It's fun for kids, gives you less to think about, and incorporates into your classroom routines.

Why we love the Randomizer:

  • It keeps track of who has been called on – everyone gets a turn
  • It adds the fun element – sounds and visuals that students enjoy
  • It adds suspense – who will be selected?!

Here are our 4 favorite ways to incorporate Randomizer into your class routine:

1. Cold Call for Participation

The classic! Instead of using popsicle sticks or your own memory, use the Randomizer to cold call students and keep everyone involved a classroom discussion. You can even assign a LiveSchool point after the student participates, leveling the field for your quieter students to earn.

Pro tip: You can use Randomizer on smaller groups within your roster! Just highlight a few students and click the Randomizer. A student will be picked from those you highlighted!

2. Special Privileges

Get students bought-in to your class privileges, then use the Randomizer to give everyone an equal opportunity to enjoy them.

Pick a Line Leader

Who doesn't love lunchtime?! Randomize who gets to lead the lunch line to add a dose of excitement for students.

Assign Special Seating

Do you have a special chair or seating options in your class? Use the Randomizer to pick who will get to enjoy them each period.

3. End-of-class Reward

At the end of class, give students an opportunity to earn a prize. It's a fun, simple way to add an incentive to your routine. You can add a criteria (no demerits in the period, or at least 3 points earned) and skip over students who didn't meet the bar.

Treasure Chest

Maintain a collection of low-cost items that students can choose from if their name is selected after a good day in class.

Positive Phone Call

Give the student's parents or guardian a call to brag on their positive day. Look back at their LiveSchool points history for easy talking points on the student's day.

Pick a Brain Break

There are so many great brain break ideas to help students mentally recharge. Use the Randomizer and let the selected student choose the class-wide brain break!

4. Student Jobs

Use the Randomizer to select a student for class jobs. Once your class gets the hang of it, this is a seamless way to teach valuable skills to students while lightening your load:

Agenda Writer

Select a student to write the daily agenda on the board. Optionally, award a point for this job. You'll be building great responsibility skills for students while saving yourself one extra task.


Students love being entrusted to leave class with an important message. You name it – a run to the copy room, picking up supplies, or dropping something off in the main office – students will love the opportunity.

Supplies Manager

Need to distribute supplies, worksheets, or other class materials? Select a Supplies Manager randomly to help you with the task.

Assignment Grader

Expert-level only. This role requires training and trust – many teachers find they can train a student to help grade do-nows, exit slips, and other assignments that have an answer key.

Learn more about the randomizer in: Engage Your Students with Class Tools Need additional support? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help out!

Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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