March 12, 2021

6 Teacher Tips for Student Buy-in

Motivate students with less guesswork using these practices. Try one out in your classroom this week!
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

There's no better feeling than finding what works for your students. Use trial and error to find which practices work – then put your own creative spin to make these ideas your own!

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Find the fit: public or private praise?

Some students love to be spotlit in front of their peers. It fills them up. Other students dread it. It makes them shrink in their seat and want to disappear.

When in doubt: it's okay to ask! You are likely to find that most students love public praise, and can keep track of those who prefer to keep it private. Share your positive vibes with direct messages, as they leave class, or at the end of the week.

Add a little competition

In LiveSchool, click Settings and select the "Just Me" option. You're now seeing points that YOU awarded students. Now say:

The first student to reach 5 points this class period can choose tomorrow's bellringer song.

Keep it special – once per week or so. You can use this strategically – for instance, when you need that extra level of focus on a review session. That will keep it manageable for you and make it a special surprise when it's "game time."

Ask students: What motivates you?

To ask is to care. You can use this approach in any context: one-on-one with a student who's struggling, in a small group of trusted student advisors, or with your class period.

  • What's your favorite snack or treat?
  • Is there a special class job you'd pay points to have?
  • Is there something funny you'd spend points to see me do?
  • If you could pick one reward, which would you pick: Homework Pass, a Snack, Time with a Me, or Time with Friends?
  • What is the most fun class reward you could possibly imagine?

Get wacky!

Our students have access to all kinds of media. What's one thing they don't get to see? Their teachers doing crazy stuff! Hair-dos, costumes, silly makeup. You'd be amazed at what students will work for. And if your roommate or significant other asks you "what the heck?" just tell them "it's for the kids!"

Photo cred: Steph_David923

Offer student jobs

Many students absolutely love the opportunity to have an official job in your classroom: Class Secretary, Messenger, Whiteboard Manager, Line Leader, and Cleanliness Coordinator.

There are so many real-world lessons to be learned:

  • You can have an application process if there are many students interested in a job.
  • Students can earn LiveSchool points for going above-and-beyond in their job.
  • Students can learn to talk about their job when applying for future responsibilities.

Try your luck!

Adding luck and chance into your class brings an element of excitement. Plus, students know that even you don't know what will happen.

The randomizer feature in LiveSchool is an easy way to do this. We have an article all about the randomizer and other class tools. Check it out: About the Randomizer

Pssst. Don't tell students: the randomizer keeps track to ensure every student gets a turn 😉

What did we miss?! Tweet @whyliveschool with your favorite ways to get student buy-in.

Interested in LiveSchool?

Let's chat about how LiveSchool supports your positive school culture.

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