Kim Wood

Kim Wood, M.A./BCBA is a behavior specialist and PBIS Coach in Placer County Office of Education’s (PCOE) AlternativeEducation programs, serving K-12 students in their Court School, CommunitySchool, and Charter programs. At PCOE, Kim has also been a member of the PBIS RegionalTraining team, supporting both comprehensive and alternative school sites across Northern California.

Kim has worked in the field of behavior analysis for over 25 years, with experiences including implementing intensive early intervention programs for children with autism, setting up behaviorally-based classrooms, utilizing organizational behavior management strategies to improve systems and staff performance, consulting with general and special education classrooms on global behavior management strategies, and coaching teams on the implementation of positive behavior intervention plans.

Prior to joining PCOE in 2007, Kim served as an Executive Director at two different agencies that provided behaviorally-based services for individuals with special needs, and served as the Director of a non-public school for children with Autism.

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