Behavior Bucks & Rewards

…without the paper!
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Say Goodbye to Paper Behavior Bucks!

Behavior bucks take time to design, print, and track. Bucks eat up your team's budget and time. Students often lose their behavior bucks, causing headaches for teachers who have to decide whether to "reimburse" students.

LiveSchool is an easy, web-based app for tracking behavior reinforcement. Go digital with your behavior bucks!

No More "Black Market"

You might not know it, but behavior bucks and tickets can create a "black market". When students are excited about your rewards, some may turn to photocopying, trading, or doing other tricks to maximize their bucks. LiveSchool will put you in full control of your "currency." 

Make Your System More Fair for Students

With paper behavior bucks, teachers don't know how their rate of praise compares to other teachers. When one teacher gives out too many bucks, it causes inflation –bucks become less valuable in other teachers' classrooms.

LiveSchool helps you become more consistent by automatically tracking how many bucks are being issued.

Where's the Data?!

Think about it: each piece of behavior reinforcement is a valuable opportunity to collect data. What time of day is behavior the best? Which students are receiving the most bucks? The least? Which types of behavior are most common? Which teachers are giving the most bucks?

With LiveSchool, you will be able to answer these questions and more in real-time.

What's LiveSchool?

It's a secure, web-based platform to track, reward and improve behavior in your school.
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