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Provide Feedback Students, and Parents, can Reflect on Weekly
Students love seeing the progress they've made for the week. Weekly reports are a great tool to encourage students to reflect on their behavior with their parents.

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Share Progress with Students and Parents

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You can trial LiveSchool with up to 5 users at your school.
A user is any teacher, administrator, or other school staff with a LiveSchool login.
Insights and House Points are not included in the trial.
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With your students uploaded and rubric created, you can quickly award points during your lesson.

"A great motivator for my students, as well as a great way to track behaviors and keep parents informed."

Sarah K.

"LiveSchool makes it easy to keep record of students' behavior! It takes a load off of a very busy teacher!"

Jonathan S.

"Excellent program. Very user friendly. Able to be customized easily and quickly. Love it!"

Crista G.

Common Questions

  • How long does the trial last?

    You can use the free trial forever! We just clear your site data each year in accordance to our privacy policy.

  • How many people can we have on the free trial?

    You can trial LiveSchool with up to 5 total teachers or administrators at your school

  • How many students can I upload? What about parents?

    You can upload unlimited students, and each student (and their parents) have their own app too!

  • What features do I have access to?

    With a free account, you have access to Points, Rewards, Paychecks, and the Student and Parent App. Insights and House Points are not included.
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  • How many classes can LiveSchool support?

    You can create an unlimited amount of Rosters in LiveSchool, which can take the form of classes, homerooms, advisories, or other groups!

  • How do I join a teacher already using LiveSchool?

    If you'd like to work with other teachers on the free account, ask the first teacher who created an account to invite you via email, or include the teachers with whom you'd like to trial LiveSchool on your launch files

  • Who else uses LiveSchool?

    LiveSchool is used in over 1,000 schools across the country. Some teachers use it invidvidaully, but LiveSchool is most powerful for schoolwide systems and implementation.

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