The art of positive school culture

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Edison School of the Arts
The Culture Goal
To cultivate a positive school culture with one system for both elementary and middle school

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Amy Berns, Principal

Educators and Edison Student Services

To launch LiveSchool, principal Amy Berns worked with Edison’s Student Services Team, which consisted of the school’s social worker, counselor, and behavior adjustment facilitator. This core group collaborated with a committee of teachers and staff over the summer, and rolled out the program to the entire school at the start of the year. The Student Services Team continues to be the teachers’ resource for everything LiveSchool.

LiveSchool provides educators with the flexible set of tools they need to organically support positive culture, school-wide.

“Teacher input, summer professional development, and good communication to families and students all ensured a smooth LiveSchool launch at Edison. We’re a K-8 school, and LiveSchool seemed to fit both worlds. We were able to have one consistent system across the entire school instead of trying to manage something for our elementary school kids and something for our middle school kids.”
Amy Berns

Communication and collaboration school-wide

Berns’ administration meets weekly with the Student Services Team, and together they provide support for teachers, who are encouraged to use LiveSchool daily. Berns and her team specifically examine the ratio of positive points versus negative points school-wide, and help remove any barriers to using LiveSchool in the classroom. What are Edison teachers saying about LiveSchool? It makes communicating expectations easy – both kids and staff speak the same language when it comes to school culture.

LiveSchool’s data reports help education teams continually refine their processes during program rollout, or well after.

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Let us hear you ROAR

Edison’s rubric recognizes four categories essential to school culture, using the acronym ROAR: Respect, Open Your Heart (empathy), Always on Alert (safety), and Responsibility. Educators use ROAR to award points and identify areas for school culture improvement.

LiveSchool’s customizable rubric encourages students to engage with their school’s most important values.

“The goal is to provide positive points, but we realize we also need to hold students accountable and track behaviors that are potentially impeding instruction or student success. We touch base with the teachers through a survey to see how the rubric is working and if we need to make any adjustments.”
Amy Berns

Promoting accountability, cohesion, and community

Edison’s educators use the ROAR rubric to reward behaviors like good work ethic, peaceful problem solving, inclusivity, and more. Edison gives points to individual students and also uses LiveSchool’s House System to promote camaraderie across grades. While students don’t receive negative points, Edison tracks “Improvement Behaviors” internally so teachers can record any behavior challenges. Educators use LiveSchool-specific iPads to award points, and the program's hassle-free interface keeps interruptions minimal and class flowing.

LiveSchool helps educators design intuitive points systems tailored specifically to their schools.

Paychecks, Reward Store, Group Rewards

Edison tracks points using LiveSchool Paychecks, which students cash in for a wide variety of ever-changing rewards in the Reward Store. The school exchanges the points for the prizes right away, keeping the system streamlined and tangible. High point earners are also featured on the morning announcements each day.

Students can choose how they use their Paychecks, and, since Edison is a visual and performing arts school, the rewards often appeal to their creative sides!


“The kids love the Paychecks, and the teachers are excited about the digital component to them. We used to do Cool Cat Cash where we would hand out fake money, and that just became hard to track. The Paychecks are also a great communication tool for parents to be able to see exactly what their child spent points on and how they earned them.”


“We keep our LiveSchool store fresh! We have simple things like the Treasure Box and snacks, as well as larger rewards like pizza with the principal and two friends. We have raffle tickets for a chance to win spirit wear, and since we are also a visual and performing arts school, we also offer a creativity pack that features items like paint-by-number sheets, bracelet-making supplies, and clay!”

Most Popular Rewards




Creativity packs


Hand santizer


Out-of-uniform passes


Data deep dives and student feedback

Edison’s administration looks at LiveSchool data every week, examining trends and top challenging behaviors. Using LiveSchool’s sophisticated tracking system, they can also identify trends by student and develop individualized support plans for each child. Edison compliments LiveSchool data with a student survey (for the 3rd-8th grades) to gain insight into school culture trends and measure overall progress.

LiveSchool's Insights tools help school staff spot trends by time, location, student, teacher, and more.


Developing culture and consistency


Students feel a stronger sense of school belonging.


Students have a better understanding of (and appreciation for) school expectations.

“We really try to look at the kids that we serve here, and, with the world today, we want to focus on the positive things that are happening and build our kids up. What are the desired behaviors? What are the desired actions we are wanting to see? Let’s recognize those kids for doing them. Students want to know and feel they are doing the right thing, and it’s our job to help teach them.”

Amy Berns
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