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What Teachers are Saying
I find LiveSchool easy to use for daily data collection – both positive and negative. Having information at my fingertips is valuable when I need to call a parent or participate in an IEP meeting.

James Parsons, Teacher

Points System

Collect Behavior Data without Interrupting Your Lesson

Easily give positive or negative behavior points, customized to your school's behavior expectations. Add comments and pick a location for more detail.

Data Management

More Time Analyzing Data, Less Time Gathering it

Instantly organize data to gain more time for improvements. Real-time updates empower insight of behaviors as soon as they happen.

Better Decisions

Increased Data + Automatic Reports = Better Decisions

Explore data at multiple levels to gain more information. Access data for each classroom to ensure consistency school-wide.

What Administrators are Saying About Schoolwide PBIS Management

House Points

Build Relationships & School Spirit Across Grades & Subjects

Place students (and teachers) in a House and watch them grow closer through friendly competition. No more extra work - House scores are tallied automatically!

Easy Rewards

Custom Class or School Stores for Rewards and Privileges

Create rewards with maximum relevance to your students, for maximum motivation! Automatically update bank accounts when students redeem rewards.

Parent & Student App

Engage Parents in their Child's Entire Behavior Performance

Give students confidential feedback their parents can keep track of. Don't wait for parent/teacher conferences, let them know instantly about their child's behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LiveSchool an App?

LiveSchool offers a web-based platform, in addition to applications for teachers, parents and students. So you can access from our website, or through an app on your device!

How Does the Demo Work?

We'll walk you through the platform and answer any questions regarding LiveSchool. Fill out the form above and a LiveSchool team member will contact you to schedule your demo.

Can I Invite Team members to the Demo?

Of course! We encourage you to invite your PBIS committee, co-teachers, or administrators. The demo lasts just 15 minutes and there is something for everyone!

Who Else Uses LiveSchool?

LiveSchool is used by over 500 schools all across the country. Some teachers use it individually, but LiveSchool is incredibly powerful for school-wide data tracking and decision making.

Less Paperwork,
More Teamwork

Get a better picture of school-wide performance, teacher consistency, and much more.

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