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Share a Roster with Yourself or Others (Admin)

Share a Roster with Yourself or Others (Admin)

If you are an admin in LiveSchool, you have access to ALL rosters. Only those that are shared with you will appear when in the 'Points' and 'Rewards' mode but this article goes over how to share any roster in your account with any teacher (or yourself).

In this case, the administrator for the account only has access to the 'Grade' rosters in LiveSchool.

To share a roster with yourself or other teachers, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Select Rosters
  3. Click where it says My Rosters
  4. Select All Rosters
  5. Click the Share this roster icon
  6. Click yourself and any other admins/teachers that you want to share the roster with
  7. Choose Save
  8. Notice that the roster name now appears in the Points and Rewards mode of the app
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