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Setup Houses that You've Sorted

Setup Houses that You've Sorted

When setting up a House Points competition, some schools like to determine which students will be in each house. To get started, you'll first need to create a roster in the main app so that you can sync it to your Houses in House Points.

  1. Choose Setup from the Main Menu
  2. Click Rosters
  3. Choose New Roster
  4. Type in the name for your roster
  5. Click Create Roster
  6. Click the Add Students icon
  7. Select all of the students you want to be in the house
  8. Choose Add Students
  9. Return to the Main Menu
  10. Click on Insights
  11. Choose House Points.
  12. Choose House Setup
  13. Select I've set up my House Rosters
  14. Click Add a House
  15. Type in the name of the roster you created
  16. Repeat the steps until all students have been arranged into a house
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