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Reset Your Entire LiveSchool Account

Reset Your Entire LiveSchool Account

***This article describes how to reset your entire LiveSchool account. Doing so will erase ALL students points (merits, demerits, rewards) as well as get rid of any behavior records such as paychecks/reports. This will also get rid of any points earned in House Points. This will NOT delete any teachers, students, or rosters that you have created. This is great if you are looking to start fresh with your LiveSchool account but please know that this cannot be undone and is final!***

From Menu:

  1. Choose Setup
  2. Select Site
  3. Click Clear Site Data
  4. In the Clear All Site Data box, Enter your password and click Delete All Site Data
  5. Type Clear Site in the Dialog box
  6. Select Get in Touch

Please note that once you do this, you'll automatically send an email to to confirm. Once you receive the confirmation email and write back to verify this is what you'd like to do, points will be cleared. You should see the following screen in your account the next time you login to show points have been reset:

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