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Create a Real-time Behavior Notification

Create a Real-time Behavior Notification

Set up real-time notifications for specific beahviors in LiveSchool. LiveSchool will send an email to the user you specify each time a behavior is recorded. For example, if you set up a notification to the assistant principal for a behavior "Detention", then each time a student gets a referral the AP will be notified.

How to Set One Up

Anytime a behavior is issued that is setup for notifications, users will receive an email like the one below:

  1. Go to Menu
  2. Click Site
  3. Choose Edit Your Behavior Rubric
  4. Select the Behavior you would like to set up email notifications for
  5. Click to the right of Notifications
  6. Choose all of the Teachers and Administrators you would like to set up notifications for
  7. Click Save
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