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Add Logic for Earned Points in Student Scoreboards

Add Logic for Earned Points in Student Scoreboards

This article explains how to add a filter to the Earned Points column in Student Scoreboards. In the example shown, a filter is being set to see all students in a school that have more than earned more than 1000 points.

To begin, click on Insights in Menu or visit

  1. Click on Scoreboards
  2. Select Students
  3. Make sure that you have the correct time period selected as well as the whether you are looking for a whole school or specific grade/roster
  4. Click in the Earned column
  5. Select Add Logic....
  6. Click the > More than button
  7. Type in the value you wish to see (in this case 1000)
  8. Hit Save

After hitting Save, Student Scoreboards will only display students with more than 1000 earned points. If you ever need to turn off the logic:

  1. Click in the Earned column
  2. Click Turn Off

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