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Add a New Student to a House Roster

Add a New Student to a House Roster

This article explains how to add a new student to a House roster from the main app. This can be helpful if you decide that you want to move students around after their houses have been set or if you want to add a student that comes in midway through the year.

In this case, a 5th grade student (Johnny Bravo) has been added mid year and needs to be assigned to a house.

***Notice that once houses have been created, they appear in the main app as rosters***

  1. From the main menu, choose Setup
  2. Select Rosters
  3. For the house that you are looking to add the student, choose Add or remove students
  4. Click over in Add Students and choose the the appropriate grade level
  5. Select the student
  6. Choose Add Students

That student will now be added to the chosen house and any points that the student earns will go towards house points!

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