Manage Your Site Users

If LiveSchool is syncing with your SIS via Clever, click here. This article is for schools that added students and staff via Launch Files.

A Few Notes to Start

  • We've imported your initial students, users, and rosters for you. From here, it's your responsibility to keep them updated.
  • We recommend designating a point person for updates. This keeps things streamlined.
  • Some site management features require admin-level access to edit. The table below provides a summary of what permissions Admins and Teachers have.


LiveSchool lets you create unlimited rosters so you can always pull up the correct group of students whether for a class, after-school club, or even bus group.

Our Roster Picker allows you to select, rename, and hide rosters to make it easier to find your rosters quickly.

As an admin, your Roster Picker will include a "teachers" tab to view all rosters organized by teacher – perfect for observing or covering a class.

Teachers can create and share rosters with other teachers, to minimize duplicating work (and rosters).

Below we share more on how to create and share rosters, and access them on the roster picker.

Rostering & Other Account Set Up Resources

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