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Award Your First Point

What is a LiveSchool Point?

LiveSchool is all about recognizing positive student choices with points. Points are based on the school-wide behavior expectations your school has set for students.

Students earn points as they go from class to class, and points from all teachers add to a student's point balance (a.k.a. bank account). Teachers can award points to any student in the school, whether in the hallway, cafeteria, or on the playground.

Points power school-wide systems that help provide feedback to students and parents, and facilitate a positive culture at your school.

Points are aggregated into easy-to-use data reports in real-time as you're recording points. These data reports help administrators provide supports where they are needed most, and help you better understand whether you're providing behavior feedback to students evenly.

Below we cover the basics of awarding points, adding comments, and viewing data in the Points section of LiveSchool.

How to Give Points in LiveSchool

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