July 3, 2018

Meet School Success Representative, Hannah!

If you're interested in LiveSchool, you've probably talked to our School Success Representative, Hannah.
LiveSchool 101: Happy Teachers, Engaged Students, and Better Data

Allow us to formally introduce School Success Representative, Hannah Kasperson! Like many of our School Success Reps, Hannah understands firsthand the challenges that LiveSchool addresses: she worked for seven years as a teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools before joining us full-time.

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Those who have worked with Hannah already know that she’s the best. But did you know:

  • She’s a well-rounded sports fan. In her spare time, Hannah loves to play tennis and golf. If she’s on the sidelines, she follows baseball (go Cubs!). Around the office, we like to call her "Hans the Fan", because she's always up to date on the latest sports news.
  • She appreciates a heated round of trivia and good food (can you blame her?). If you ever visit the Nashville area, you might find Hannah playing trivia with friends or prowling around looking for an authentic Chicago deep dish pizza. When inclement weather interrupts her tennis game, she also likes to bake.
  • She loves math (seriously!). Hannah’s enthusiasm for the subject motivated her to teach 8th grade math, Algebra I, and science at DuPont Hadley Middle School in Nashville.
Hannah and another teacher posing with towels after participating in a dunk tank
Hannah and a fellow teacher being good sports after the dunk tank
  • When she was in your shoes, Hannah’s favorite school store reward was jeans day - partly, she’ll admit, because teachers got to participate.
  • She’s a world traveler. Just a few months ago, Hannah jetted off to Colombia for 10 days (it was rough for us, but we have to let them fly the coop sometimes). And since she’s an avid traveler, she’ll no doubt be taking off again in the near future.
Hannah stands next to her boyfriend with trees and mountains the background
Hannah and boyfriend, Ryan, in Colombia

We love that our team of representatives are not only super passionate about teaching, but also have outside interests and make time for their own hobbies. Plus, now that we know Hannah likes to bake, we can expect some killer lemon bars at the next office party - right, Hannah?

If you ever have questions about maximizing LiveSchool, or if you know another school that’s interested in the app, Hannah will be happy to help! You can reach her at  hannah@liveschoolinc.com (she may or may not bake you Blueberry Pie, but you can try).

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